I ThoughtI Had Seen It All, But These Cuties Surprised Me With… What A Dancing Routine!


February 15, 2016 Videos

You love to watch a good dance, especially when the dancers involved in the action are as good as the Mahomet Seymour Dance Team. And now that we mention this dance group, let’s talk about this one occasion that they had people’s hairs rising. You’ll fall for it!

The Mahomet Seymour Dance Team is famed for its impeccable taste for good moves, and on this occasion, they moved to the sound. Yes, to the spoken word!


When they first got to the dance floor, no one had the slightest clue of what these young ladies were really up to, until they started what has now become an internet sensation. The team starts with some moves that seem to interpret the spoken word into elaborate actions. You need to hear the message!

I’ve to agree that these ladies really stole my heart with this great performance, and you just can’t help but fall for it too. Just watching this cool video guarantees that.

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